Sunday, April 30, 2017

Our Weekend Saw...

Right now, I'm loving a weekend that saw...

...a warm, humid Friday afternoon spent watching the peeps, hunting bugs, and giving them their first treat- oatmeal for the win!
...burgers on the grill, thunder in the distance, and three chapters of our new story time book 'Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.'
...early breakfast-making with my girl (from her own cookbook, 95% made by her), some work around the house, and naps for everyone under the heavy grey skies of a cold front.
...BLTs, chocolate cookies, more thunder with no rain, and finally a temperature drop of over 20 degrees in less than an hour.
...a good movie with my guy after the kids went to bed and an extra blanket over our summer sheets when we were all tucked in.
...Sunday morning blueberry pancakes, another appearance of fleece and hoodies, work in the garden with two great helpers (and less-than-normal arguing!), and all the grub worms we could find doled out to the peeps as fairly as possible. seeds planted, fresh grass cut, and pizzas ordered for dinner.
...lots of sand left behind in the tub after bath time, two more chapters at story time (with cries for more, such a good book so far!), and long-sleeved pajamas.

This weekend saw the last of April, the last time we'll probably need long sleeves for a loooong time, and the last of our garden seed stash tucked into our newly-amended soil. I thought it was a pretty fitting sendoff for the first full month of Spring.

Wishing everyone a sense of resolution and new beginnings as we jump on in to May!

Happy weekending!

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