Friday, April 28, 2017

Openin' It Up!


Queenie and her entourage

Libby leading the way, Queenie cautiously following

Libby up, Paprika down
 My peeps have been literally cooped up for the past five days, and this morning I decided to peel back the flap blocking their front door and let them down into the run. Most of them were freaked out by the new freedom and didn't have the courage to do much more than stick their heads out of the opening and look around. Paprika and Libby, however, only needed about five minutes to gather the gall to jump, followed shortly by my favorite girl, Queenie-Five-Toes.

Queenie, the dorking with five toes on each foot

I had to go back out about an hour later and help the bold adventurers remember how to get back up with their sisters (and their food and water, for now)- as it seems they couldn't remember where they were- but it was a good start. I could watch them all day, those little feather babies. How we love their shenanigans!

Libby, Paprika, and Queenie of the First Expedition

 I left the flap pinned back when I checked on them at sundown, so they'll be able to get back down again tomorrow if they so choose. I can't wait to see who takes the leap next!

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