Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What We're Reading

It's no secret that we all love to read around here. Little Brother has just started realizing that- now that he can read too- he can read the books Sissy's been reading. Oh man, finally. Although he skims more than reads those chapter books, give him a Lego Star Wars book and he'll sit there and go page-by-page. My thoughts on that? I just love that they love books like their Mama.

I was asked recently what we've been reading these days, and when I got to thinking about it, there's quite a running list! So here's what we've been reading:

Audrey: more often than not, you'll find Sissy in some odd position- draped over the arm of a couch or halfway slipping out of a chair- with her nose in one of the American Girl books. She's never shown an interest in the dolls (which is a relief because holy cowcow they're expensive), but she devours their historical fiction. She's reading the Josefina series and the Caroline series right now.

Henry: give him anything Lego- Star Wars, Avengers, Ninjas... he bee-lines straight for the level 1 readers in the library and pulls out every. single. one.

Me: I have a growing pile of books that I'm reading simultaneously, depending on my mood and how much time I think I'll have undisturbed. It's kinda a bummer that I only have the ability to read one at a time, really. My newest addition to the pile is Witches, Midwives and Nurses: a History of Women Healers. It's probably closer to a pamphlet than a book (I think it has only 100 pages), but it's amazing so far. Sad and amazing. I'm also reading George Orwell's 1984 because I feel a duty to read it right now. Underneath that is my favorite gardening book, Gaia's Garden, and underneath all that are the last three books of the Odd Thomas series.

One would think that, this being early February, there would be lots of opportunities to curl up and read with a hot bev, a warm blanket, maybe even a fire... but noooooooooo, it's been in the high 70's and low 80's and we've been outside working our tails off like it's early Spring. So sadly our books sit and wait... they wait for either the winter weather to return, or the heat and humidity to rise high enough to drive us back inside.

One way or another though, fear not my loves, I'll come for you.........

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