Thursday, February 16, 2017

Monsters on the Trail Cam

We haven't had a decent feral hog sighting in quite a few days... we've been hearing regular rifle shots from the north of us (where we think the pigs are coming from) and are left wondering if they've been scared away for the time being. Our hog-trapper doesn't seem concerned, reassuring us that it's typical for a group this size to have a very, very large territory and for them to appear to come and go. It seems like he's ready set the trap to catch whatever comes back whenever we start seeing them again, though, so I keep baiting the trap with "fresh" sour corn and checking the trail cams.

When the pigs skip a visit, we end up having photos of squirrels, big fat raccoons, and my cat (jerk) instead... and recently something even stranger made an appearance...

 ...which was very startling at first glance! We're going to need a different kind of trap...

 ...I don't think we're equipped to handle monsters of this caliber.

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