Thursday, February 9, 2017

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...obsessing over Jon Bellion's album 'The Human Condition' and listening to it on repeat whenever the kids aren't around (explicit lyrics, fyi).
...feeling frustrated about my chicken girls... instead of their egg production ramping up with the increasing daylight hours like it's supposed to, I still have only the one girl laying her solo egg. The other three remain totally freeloading. Jerks.
...looking forward to when the time is right to get more spring peeps and change it up out there in the hen house!
...listening to my kiddos play 'rocket ship' with a box, a blanket, and their walkie-talkies.
...snacking on some super-dee-dooper dark chocolate cookies (check back for the recipe, coming soon!).
...planning on mixing up another three-gallon batch of sugar syrup for my bees, who are starting to feel a little light in the stored honey department. All this warm weather gets them out foraging with nothing blooming to forage on, and before you know it you have a starving hive. I'm so glad I noticed before it was too late!
...prepping for another weekend spent shaping up our various outdoor spaces.
...resigning myself to the fact that my floors will always be dirty now that we're gardening again.
...loving the early blooms from my purple and white iris. Hands-down my favorite flower to grow.

Right now there's another warm spell a-comin', there are indoor and outdoor chores a-callin', and Spring is just around the corner... which is why I've been slacking off a little in the blog department... but good work is getting done!

I'll check back in soon!

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