Monday, October 31, 2016


Our pumpkins were converted from autumn decor to Halloween statement pieces over the weekend. We had bad luck with the pumpkins we picked out on the equinox-all but two rotting within the first week- so Audrey's pumpkin was a re-do and Henry carved the one I had picked out. Thankfully there was no complaining, and it worked out great.

For the last couple carvings, I've been using power tools to help make all the intricate scribbles and lines come to life, but this year we had technical difficulties and it took me the evening of the carving day plus the better part of the following late morning/early afternoon to complete their masterpieces. They were patient, though, and there is a silver lining to it all: because they weren't carved until so late, we won't have moldy lanterns to light tonight!

Happy, safe Halloween!

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