Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Ever since my kids' dance recital this past summer, they've been resolved to wear their costumes again for Halloween and trick-or-treat as clowns. No one really thought that was a great idea, especially with all the weirdness around clowns lately, but they could not be deterred.

We have a family friend who always throws a great Halloween party for the kids, and she hates clowns... but we finally had her convinced to allow my kiddos entrance into her party as long as they didn't come with their faces painted... but their costume choice was dreaded.

Well, without prodding- the night before Halloween- both of my kids suddenly changed their minds and decided they would not in fact be clowns, but instead dress as Charles "Pa" Ingalls and Laura Ingalls Wilder (we've been reading through the books for story time before bed).

Well, cool....... except way to give me some notice, guys.

Luckily I'd grabbed a dress for Audrey from the thrift store the year before that I thought looked like a perfect pioneer costume, but at that time she hated it. This year she thought it was the best thing ever, so for Laura all I had to do was make her a sun bonnet. For Pa I made some pants and a beard, and pulled a few other things from our dress-up stash and closets. Voila! Ingallseseses.

 When we arrived at the party there was much relief, and that yarn beard was quite a hit.

 These have got to be some of my most favorite costumes evah. I don't mind the last-minuteness of them at all.

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!

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