Monday, September 19, 2016

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving a weekend that saw...

...a kickoff with a Friday evening thunderstorm, a glass of bubbly, and some reading for potential prep of a spring garden spot!
...a Saturday morning full of light sparkling off rain drops, a major appliance DIY repair, and a good movie at the end of the day.
...waking up on Sunday to another thunder storm, a big breakfast, and a beautiful afternoon spent mostly outside.
...a fancy dinner in celebration of 12 years married, a little bit of stargazing (until the mosquitoes chased us inside), and early bedtimes for everyone (it's official- we've forgotten how to party, ha!).

Right now, we're all up a little earlier than usual (probably because all of us were in bed by 9pm last night), and enjoying the chance to get ready for the day a little more relaxed than normal.

We've got a full week ahead of us and a little prep to do for our annual farewell to Summer and hello to Fall, so a slow start to the week is oh-so-welcome!

Wishing all a calming, solid start to the last few days of Summer... happy Monday!

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