Thursday, September 8, 2016

A New Garden Spot

For quite a while now, I've been eyeballing this sharply inclined corner of my front yard. It's awkward to mow, it's hard to get much to grow there, and it's a weird shape.

It's perfect for a pond I think... or more accurately, a water garden.

The more I study this spot, the more I feel certain of it.

The slope will be perfect for a natural-looking waterfall, the bland bushes in the background will be great to show off some hardscaping, and there are cool water plant options for partial to full shade. Plus it'll be a great feature to have right in front of the kitchen window, and bonus: it'll water my bees.

I've been reading that you have to build your pond in phases, with a full month or two devoted to the liner of your choice seasoning, so to speak, before putting anything living (flora or fauna) in the water. With the cooler months oncoming, I'm thinking this might be the perfect time to start this little project; I could plan, dig, haul, and hardscape in the cooling weather, and the liner could settle in over the winter when we wouldn't want to be planting anything new anyway!

I've been daydreaming up my ultimate master plan, and I've been saving a lot of what has inspired me to my Water Garden Inspiration board on Pinterest... but what I really need is to just bite the bullet and put a shovel in the ground. I'm itching to start digging a big ol' hole out there, y'all!

It's going to be a mess, but I think it's going to be amazing.

Finally, I've found a viable spot for a new garden!

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