Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Wouldya look at that? 13 fruit trees and a 3-gallon fig, plus my "Newton Ninja Turtle," all in my cozy little nameless Highlander. I finally got to pick up my fruit tree order! I'm soooooooo excited! This Mama has been itching to get her hands in the soil, and I was feeling like a hopeless case what with no garden at the moment. Trees to the rescue!

I ordered my fruit trees through a landscaping company who sells bare-root fruit trees this time of year to benefit the beekeeper's club I've joined. Most of the proceeds of the fruit tree sales will benefit their scholarship program, which I think rocks, and I plan on encouraging my little soon-to-be-beekeepers to take full advantage of it when they're old enough!

Anyho, I gots me a replacement Harvester peach for the one that died last year, two Methly plums, two Kieffer pears, a Mollie's Delicious apple, a Granny Smith apple, and a Texas Everbearing fig (the rest of the trees are for my mama).

I'll be using this bare-root tree planting tutorial as a guide to try and give them every chance to thrive.

My little tree babies are soaking in their terribly smelly fish emulsion water right now, and tomorrow we plant!

So excited.

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