Monday, November 11, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...listening to a hoot-owl of some kind- very close to the back door- while it taunts the dog. Seriously, I think it knows exactly what it's doing.
...wondering what to expect tomorrow when this cold front comes in that every weather person is saying will be the strongest one of the season thus far. We haven't fired up the furnace or used the fireplace yet... I hope everything is in working order!
...thumbing through a couple new books that promise to further my appreciation for plants as medicine- The Cherokee Herbal and Home Remedies from a Country Doctor. If we end up having a fire in the fireplace this week, you can bet I'll have them handy!
...anticipating a few deliveries to further our home renovation (including this light for over the dining room table, and perhaps these- eventually- for redoing our fireplace surrounds?).
...looking around at all the chores to be done inside, daunting despite all the willing help, and wondering if it wouldn't be better to put it all off until tomorrow... you know, for when we're all inside as the weather turns. Yes. Definitely wise to put it all off.
...feeling inspired to learn more about growing grapes in our area after lunch at a kinda-local vineyard.
...also feeling (more) inspired to plot and plan the garden and chicken coop for this spring... and as we linger outside in the evening light most days I can't help but repeatedly walk the area we think might end up being the best candidate for the garden location, thinking and thinking and dreaming.
...loving the slow transformation of these woods out our back door, the crunch of so many bronze oak leaves underfoot, and the joy of the kiddos in finally being able to rake and jump into piles and piles of them, just like Charlie Brown and Linus (Henry has even taken to dragging around a black-and-white plush dog which he calls "My Friend Snoopy).

Happy Monday.

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