Friday, November 1, 2013

A Gratitude Challenge

I've always battled a cynical side when it comes to the way some holidays seem to highlight qualities in life that should be present every day... like, for example, Valentine's Day, where you shower your significant other with thoughtful gestures, love notes, and their favorite dinner, only to send them back to mundaneland the following day (sooo cynical, I know... but I warned you). It seems fairly common, really, for the focus on the respective quality of the holiday (love, gratitude, appreciation) to fade with the holiday itself.

Not in all cases, of course, but in many.

I mean, think about it- how many Christmas themes center on 'holiday cheer,' and how many people really seem to be living by that creed the week after Christmas? The month after? In the summer...? Exactly. It takes Christmas itself to slap some cheer into everyone.

However, I have to say that perhaps it's human nature to need attention called to what we can so easily take for granted (like parents, or our freedom, or everyone's basic civil rights).

Maybe each and every holiday, Father's Day, Independence Day, and commemorative date should be looked at like a call to meditation, wherein we more sharply pull in to focus the things we build our lives on (and not just another opportunity to start shopping for themed centerpiece decorations).

I choose that perspective.

I choose to silence my cynicism and, for November, use Thanksgiving as a directive in opening my eyes to all that I am thankful for.

SO, using this post as a guide I'll be taking a photo every day of something in my life that I feel grateful for, and at the end of November I'll put them together and share them in this space. My hope is in using this project as a mantra of sorts, I'll stay present and be able to lift my commonplace necessities out of taken-for-granted-ness and into the spotlight of gratitude.

Zoom In On Gratitude
If you feel inspired as well, let's meet in this space on November 30th to share the compilation of what we're grateful for- come and link your gratitude post (blog, instagram, whatever) in the comments for all to find and see.

Let's capture that which is important but which may not garner much daily thought, and let our lenses bring focus to what we should give thanks for every day.


  1. Love this idea! You are amazing!

    1. I'd love it if you'd join in and link up! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. great challenge!!! i'm sorry that i'm late...