Monday, November 25, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...shaking my head at the freakout that always comes from my community- and all the surrounding ones- when someone official says "winter weather."
...feeling relieved that the roads were actually quite clear when the hubs left for work, despite the predictions.
...finalizing cooking and baking plans for Thanksgiving (and maybe lingering a bit in denial that it's this Thursday?).
...taking advantage of the time spent inside avoiding the wet and cold by working on a few Christmas gift projects with the kiddos (who take their parts in the projects very seriously).
...taking the bitter with the sweet that came from weekend projects:
   -we've found out that we just can't use the big fireplace in the family living space, as it fills the house with
    smoke- not from a blockage or from negative pressure, but because the chimney itself is too short to
    clear the trees around the house. However, since we don't have a negative pressure problem after all,
    we can use the smaller formal living room fireplace. (yay!)
   -during the process of swapping out the last of the major light fixtures slotted to be replaced, we realized
    that our master bathroom is wired incorrectly... and by incorrectly, I mean it was downright unsafe.
    However, the light-swapping project was 90% completed. (hooray!)
...looking forward to sharing my gratitude photos this coming weekend, and really looking forward to seeing what others are thankful for*!

Right now, I'm feeling thankful that so much was done over the weekend, overwhelmed by the aftermath of it all, and glad that this week we have nothing to do but recover from said projects and prep for the oncoming holiday! Happy Monday!

*Don't forget to share a link in this space on the 30th to your own gratitude photos, be it in blog form, instagram form, or other, for all to find and see!

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