Monday, November 18, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving a weekend that saw...

...four of our outdated, totally random, inappropriate-for-the-space light fixtures come down and their replacements go up!
...boxes, packing material, boxes, and more boxes... everywhere.
...a visit from both sets of grandparents, and all the goofiness and spoilage that you'd expect with 'em.
...a birthday celebration and a successful first attempt at making cake balls (using coconut oil instead of frosting to bind the cake- so good!).
...air conditioners on! How ridiculous... and to think we'll probably have to have the heaters back on tonight... and this coming weekend they say it might sleet or snow! This crazy weather...
...lots of progress on our to-do list, lots of time together, and lots of good company.

This weekend, we stayed busy almost non-stop from waking to falling back into our beds, but it shows around the house! This morning we'll be gathering and breaking down all the packing material that came wrapped around our new lights and making a trip to the recycling center at the dump, among other things. This home improvement stuff- it's not for the faint of heart... and I also can't imagine what it'd be like to attempt all this without support like what we have around us.

Starting this week out feeling grateful, and hoping the same for everyone else! Happy Monday.