Monday, November 4, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...still waking up like there's not an extra hour in our schedules... and so are the kids. Have I ranted yet in this space about how much I hate this antiquated, obsolete tradition? Because I do. Hate it.
...happily greeted by my new desktop calendar each time I log on during my extra hour in the mornings.
...finally starting to spot a few trees here and there in mid-transition to a fall hue, ombre-style.
...soaking up the beauty of this deep, short-lived autumn light, and promising myself that I will not take all my gratitude photos outside in said light... not all of them, anyway.
...struggling with exactly how long we'll let the kiddos partake of their incredibly gluttonous haul of trick-or-treated candy, and turning that question on myself, too (butbutbut they actually got dark chocolate versions of the good stuff this year, who can blame me?!).
...sorting through even more sweet photos of our kiddos at our favorite zoo from yet another trip as we attempt to max out our season pass- in this perfect weather- before it expires at the end of the year.
...feeling overwhelmed by the amount of portraits, scribbles, sketches and drawings these kids have been making lately. I'm thinking they'll have to play some part in either our Christmas cards this year, a gift for a doting family member, or maybe I just need to find more outside-the-box inspiration, like some of these ideas. It's a cool problem to have, though. Not complaining.
...finding the silver lining in the obligatory time change with the extra time in the tub for the kiddos, as we keep working on what amounts to basically a bed time that's an hour later for everyone, and the wrinkly fingers and toes that follow.
...still loving this most favorite season, even as we begin the end of it all, and squeezing just as much out of it as I possibly can.

Happy Monday.

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