Monday, July 22, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...watching a baby skunk trail the edge of the woods about ten yards from our back door, and hoping our dog doesn't notice, too...
...listening to the dryer and thinking of the mounds of laundry that have yet to make it through there today.
...still feeling amazed by all that was done by parents that came up for the whole weekend and worked on our to-do list (with enthusiasm that outmatched our own for many of the tasks).
...getting a little twitchy from all the piles of junk and stuff here and there without places (and some with places that just haven't made it there).
...making it a point to step outside a little each day, despite the humidity, the heat, and the bazillion tasks demanding attention inside.
...enjoying the feeling of carpet under my feet, finally!

Right now, I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed by what remains to be done- especially because all things have seemingly equal importance. Hopefully there will be tangible progress this week, and we'll finally find the box with the rest of our washcloths!

Wishing all a happy Monday.

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