Friday, July 19, 2013

Introducing Scarlet

There is a little introduction I've been putting off making here in this space. Truthfully, I've been dying to acquaint you with this lady, but the time just hasn't been right.

It's just that, well, this girl wasn't quite up for making new friends. It was just too hard to get close to her... she was neglected. She was abused. She was filthy.

But now, oh now, she shines.

It's time.

Introducing Scarlet.

It took me three days to rehab this girl. Three. Days. 

I believe it's possible that it has been three years since anyone so much as wiped her down, but it did look like every day for three years someone was frying something.

Now all that is ancient history.

Under all that grease, grime, and burned-on food junk waited a fiery dame with the potential to knock socks off, and I am so looking forward to learning her ways.

Nice to meet you, Scarlet, I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

1 comment:

  1. Scarlet looks amazing! I can't wait to hear what the two of you cook up in the coming days! Congratulations on your new home and this new 'friend.'