Monday, July 1, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...still getting used to glancing up at the driveway and not seeing a 'For Sale' sign up there.
...enjoying the spoils from our last weekend participating in the food co-op... last, at least, until we're settled again, and honestly I have no idea how long that'll be.
...still eating peaches from the 20-pound box I got from the co-op last weekend.
...treasuring- treasuring- the sadly infrequent peaceful sibling moments lately as the kiddos unknowingly respond to the changes and stress sensed all around them with bickering and meltdowns.
...finding reassurance in this article, and trying with all my might to curb my own frustrations and save a little energy for them.
...wondering how to plan a weeks' menu when there's no telling how many nights this coming week we'll all actually be home to make or eat dinner.
...looking around at all that was accomplished this weekend and all that still needs doing, and telling myself to get off the computer and get to it!

May we all find focus and patience this week. Happy Monday!

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