Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Weeks Behind 52

I have decided to participate in The 52 Project (see button in the sidebar), and though I'm joining in the third week, better late than never, yes?

There's just something so beautiful to me about the way photos can silently say so much without a single stroke of pen or keyboard. Just like with the captionless 'This Moment' project over at SouleMama, using this space to document and share the preciousness of these Good Old Days seems like the best way to truly represent them as they are, here and now.

With these photographs, I hope that I can capture- and share- the subtleties, the light, the moods and the emotions of our every day, even as the memory of them softens and dims.

In joining in with a few of these communities of families who recognize the power and the fragility of these early days, and in documenting and sharing some of our own, I hope to impress into the pages of our family story a true representation of what I know to be precious both now and as I look back in remembrance when they've all but faded away.

If you're inspired to do the same, click the link in the sidebar, put the button on your own blog, link your photos in this space, or simply post and save them for posterity. After all, as Ziggy Marley once said, "I don't have to wait to realize the Good Old Days."

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