Monday, January 7, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...waiting for the tea kettle to whistle, as I've been on quite a tea kick lately.
...rolling my eyes at another of several mornings of crabby girl temper tantrums (Audrey is most decidedly not a morning person, heaven help us all).
...defrosting a few blueberry pancakes (based on my favorite recipe, but with orange zest added) from this weekend, which I find are so much better eaten standing up around the island, straight off the griddle.
...glowing with a nostalgic sense of satisfaction as my favorite childhood companion has become one of my daughter's.
...smiling at the steady influence of our little guy's zipper obsession.
...feeling a little novice knitter's pride as the Solstice hats I made for the kiddos are starting to get some regular use (I got the yarn for their hats here when we were in the neighborhood this past fall).
...looking forward to some leftover onion soup, made together with my sweetheart, both of us in the kitchen, together, working on the same thing at the same time... without anyone getting hurt!
...loving the sunshine in the forecast for this week, and already eyeing those incoming seed catalogs... oh my!

Have a happy Monday!

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