Monday, January 28, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...reaching for another tissue... these warm waves of southern air are the bringers of ugh.
...trying to put my 'ugh' in perspective... if not for these warm fronts, my kiddos wouldn't have spent all afternoon yesterday with bare feet.
...wondering if we're lined up for some storms this week.
...starting another book, given to me by my Mama (or loaned?)- Laurel's Kitchen- and finding myself a bit inspired... also wondering what The New Laurel's Kitchen might have to say...
...laughing at Audrey, who got a hold of pink chalk and used it to 'put makeup on,' then marched around with a drum putting on a show and declaring herself beautiful. She was right.
...rolling my eyes at what always seems to happen to my kitchen floors the moment after I finish mopping. Every. Time.
...loving the sunsets in my back yard on evenings mild and calm, with loved ones gathered around, the landscape deep in winter slumber, and the birds calling out their 'good nights' from the skeletal trees.

Have a happy Monday.

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