Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Turn at the Machine

We're in it now- winter, that is, and all it's back-and-forthness. It's been freezing, we've seen some sleet, and it's been cold. In between the yucky stuff, we've also managed a bit of backyard play, a walk or two around the neighborhood, and we've even made it to the park. The past two days, however, have been quite rainy, keeping us all inside. It's made us all a bit crabby and restless.

Crabby and restless doesn't get you very far around here. We needed a project- all of us.

For the kiddos, I headed to the garage and the resting place of a particularly big box. A little maneuvering, some tape, and their bin of crayons, and voila. Kids- check.

For me, I headed to the dark closet where my sewing machine has been waiting for the past several months, and to my stash of fabric odds and ends. After a little digging and a sudden inspiration, I set to work on a new skirt for Audrey and a matching dress for ElmoBaby (since her old one was becoming a bit dated and out of season). Mama- check.

If you're wondering about the bandage on my thumb, let's just
say I had a distracted encounter with my mandolin last night
while slicing potatoes. Ahem.

Notice the leg warmers, too! 

I love this little skirt on this loud girl, and I think the fabric is so perfect for her. I'm also happy to say ElmoBaby's new dress fits her so much better than the first one I attempted. Also, the box has not yet worn out it's 'new,' so on all fronts it was a successful diversion, this afternoon of projects.

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