Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thank You.

"Bearing witness to the speed with which the earth circles the sun, [we] see clearly that these kids will soon be seated and counted as the old at all occasions, holding the weight of those that pass before and learning that all of their time together is only now. No amount of worry or regret will amount to changing the demise that is found in each cycle of life. So, it is natural that the Elders smile and remember and remind the Young.

Sitting, with attention rapt, we listen in admiration to the quiet words of our older family members and wonder, what is the story of our life? We hold each other hand in hand, young and old, and look from eye to eye. Where we stand is the story of our days. Each hand a chapter, each life a book, each heart alive. United, we sit to eat and offer a simple thanks for all that it is we have. We understand. Thank You."

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