Monday, November 12, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...listening to the hum of the dehydrator as it works diligently at pineapples numbers three, four, and five from the co-op.
...looking forward to above mentioned pineapple chips in the gray of winter (coincidence that so many fruits high in vitamin C peak when cold and flu season ramp up? I think not).
...baking for almost every meal for want of the heat of the oven! (hello cinnamon rolls, Moose Muffins, kraut broca, baked potatoes, and maybe a new twist on some chicken enchiladas)
...smiling at another morning sighting of a recent window-screen regular, and the wonder he(?) inspires.
...counting down to the coming days of gathering, celebrating, and feasting, and trying to narrow down what we want to bring as contribution!
...swooning at the lasting hat love around here.
...hoping the amazing burst of buried, now-sprouting Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin seeds hang on through our promising-to-be-mild winter and give us our first pumpkin!
...loving the hints of fall color here and there, and absorbing as much of it as I can.

There are only ten days left until Thanksgiving, people, and then I won't have a foot to stand on to complain about all the Christmas decorations that seem to be consuming every public place and space, already. As the Yule Tide comes in earlier and earlier every year, let us not forget that it will remain autumn until mid-December!

We will be resisting the push to deck our halls until our calendar flips to the very last page, and in the mean time, we will continue to take deep breaths of crisp autumnal air, collect as many yellow, orange, red, and coppery brown leaves as our pockets can hold, eat pumpkin pie, and promptly turn the channel the moment a carol floats across the airwaves of our car radio.

May the season be what you make of it, too. Happy Monday.

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