Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Easy Monogrammed Napkin Rings

If you caught this post, you know we've made the switch from paper towels and disposable napkins to cloth napkins. So far, we're loving it, and the increase in laundry hasn't even been significant enough to mention. However, rumpled napkins left behind after each meal to await the next in tossed and balled-up fashion have not become an endearing part of the process.

With the best intentions, I bought a bag of unfinished wooden napkin rings at a local craft supply store, intending to turn them in to something elaborate and heirloom-quality. Ha. Almost one month later....

Ahem... so today, finding a break in babies, chores, and general goings-on, I sat down and made four of the rings into very basic, simple, monogrammed holders, and they turned out just right... perfect for this budding cloth napkin family, and not too shabby to look at (vs. wads of post-meal linen...).

Care to make your own? Seriously, it's a piece of cake.

What you'll need:
-unfinished wooden napkin rings
-acrylic paint (white + desired color/s) & paint brush
-sand paper
-letter stickers (make sure the letters are small enough to fit on the ring, and are not block style)
-finishing product (beeswax/orange oil, spray sealant, varnish... whatever you prefer and have time for)

Start by giving all the rings a coat of white acrylic paint (I didn't bother with the inside)

After paint has dried completely, apply sticker letter in desired size/style

Paint entire ring with desired finish/color, making sure to paint over the sticker with caution (sticker needs to be
adhered thoroughly or paint will make its way underneath boarders... ahem)

Remove sticker carefully, then with medium-fine grit sandpaper,
carefully sand edges and surface to give worn look
(note bleeding paint due to sticker not being pressed down well)

Wipe away dust and apply coat of beeswax/orange oil per product directions. (touch up paint of monogram first if
needed or desired) Insert napkin, and enjoy.

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