Thursday, November 1, 2012

Looking Back on Halloween 2012

Was it just me, or did October fly by with an audible 'whoosh'? Seriously, I can't believe Halloween has already come- and gone- for us this year. It feels like this...

...couldn't possibly have been a year ago, already. Seriously. Moocow.

Ahem. Anyway...

Our Halloween this year started out with a bit of a rough go in the wee hours of the morning, which resulted in Bubba sleeping in about an hour past when he'd normally get up. For Mama and Sister, that meant breakfast with just us gals. 

This is what happens when I ask Audrey if I can take a picture
of her Halloween pj shirt

After eating breakfast- Audrey's on the ghost plate from Mimmy- Henny woke up and we dashed upstairs to retrieve him (Mama sneakily planning on getting a photo of that pj shirt yet... with no such luck... cute pants though).

This is what happens when my sweet, always-wakes-happy baby meets my not-a-morning-person-but-has-been-awake-for-an-hour, now-happy toddler... in Halloween jammies. Enjoy.

After feeding the other Mouth, we did some final touch-ups on costumes (first year for both kiddos to get a homemade costume... let me reiterate I am not a seamstress, people, this was a challenge). When everything was pretty much in as-good-as-it-gets shape, we got dressed in much-anticipated Halloween shirts and hit the driveway with the scooters.

This is as good as we could do for a picture of the kiddos together in their special shirts

Sadly, nap time was quite a disappointment, much to my dismay. My kiddos truly struggle with attitudes and behavior if they don't get that daytime rest, and for sure, they did not. Before the evening rolled around, we had quite a temper tantrum, a good solid 30 minutes of Sister in her room by herself (resulting from her choice to bop her Bubba on the head with a wooden spoon in the sandbox, oye), and more than one mini-power struggle (all in a days' work, sheesh).

I think we were all glad for the diversion of donning costumes, and the break of getting out into our community for some good old fashioned trick-or-treating!

[Now, before we go any further, here is my disclaimer for the rest of the photos to follow: once costumes were on, the kiddos could not be still for the life of them. Thus my pictures of the rest of the evening are more of energy in motion, so to speak.]

The first costume on: Henry the Leprechaun 

He was most excited about his hat...
...and did laps around the house in appreciation 

Pretty much the only pic I got of them together and in focus
Audrey the rainbow and Henry the Leprechaun (his shirt was a bit of a disaster)

Our first stop: a church Halloween festival

Later: trick-or-treating in the neighborhood

Henry's first hard candy... ever (he approved)

I was actually pretty impressed at how well the kiddos held it together so far past their bedtimes, and with such a crappy day of naps, too! By the end of our walk, Audrey was about at her limit, and we bee-lined it back to the house for a quick scrubbing and tucking in to bed. 

This morning, we'll be having a conversation about a few of the rocky places in our day yesterday, and we'll for sure be going through that full, so far untouched bag of loot from our plundering stroll down the block. 

We'll also be taking it slow, switching gears from all the Halloween prep, allowing for a bit of recovery from the excitement and energy of the night past... and- I'm sure- talking about what kind of costume we'll design for next year (something maybe a little less bulky, a little bit more technically within this Mama's comfort zone, I hope!). 

Today, we welcome November... may it be full of the winding-down energy and calming still we so desperately need for this fast-flying time of year!

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