Monday, July 23, 2012

Right Now


Right now, I'm...

...thinking about tweaking and re-making the kale chips I stayed up late working on last Wednesday night (FYI: they soften quickly, so to crisp back up a batch of day-old chips, pop 'em in the microwave!).
...still in awe at the amazing sunrise I witnessed on Saturday morning as I drove to pick up our Co-op share.
...having leftover plum crostata for breakfast with my coffee.
...gearing up to re-make a small batch of cherry-grape jelly that didn't jell *sigh*
...eyeing the sandwich-sliced pickles and pickled carrots that did make the 'success' column from my weekend canning endeavor.
...planning another round of homemade noodles soon.
...listening to the sounds of my kiddos playing in the sandbox in the shade of morning clouds.
...admiring the tenacity of a rogue patch of watermelon sprouts off the porch from last years' snacks.
...loving the fresh determination of our Henny Benny as he walks everywhere... crawling was so last week!

This sweltering month has one more full week left to go, and as we sweat and wilt through the last of July, may we also remember not to wish it away too quickly... time flies fast enough all on its own! Happy Monday!

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