Sunday, July 22, 2012

Too Wild and Woolly

Fifteen months and 15 days.

That's how long it lasted.

What, you may be wondering?

Henny's wild and woolly curls, that's what.

Fifteen and a half bouncy, frizzy, adorable months before the getting-in-the-eyes-and-mouth thing got a little too old.

A little buzz buzz, a little snip snip, and absolutely perfect behavior with nary a peep, and the result? A dapper Bubba with a fresh summer 'do.

Photos taken by Sissy on Mama's iPhone

In the immediate aftermath of the cut, Mama felt a little remorse (especially while collecting the severed curls for the keepsake book, sigh), but 24 hours later, I can't help but love this new look on the little boy who now looks so much more proportionate!

He seems to like it, too, and who can argue with that?


  1. My baby's first haircut was her own! She took the baby scissors and hid in the closet to give her curly locks a trim. I nearly cried when I found her.
    Your little guy looks super sweet in his new style!

    1. Oh, no! At least, when he lost his locks, it was under my control! I may have lost it if they went THAT way! You brave Mama!