Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Local Co-op

Some friends of ours have recently turned us on to local food co-ops. It's a pretty great way to save some dough on your groceries, while at the same time learning how to eat locally and in season. We participated in our first weeks' share just this week, and got to pick up our fruits and veggies bright and early Saturday morning (and by bright and early, I mean we had to be in the next town over at 6:45am).

Participants loading their produce

One of three rows of produce baskets lined up to be claimed

I had no expectations going in to this little social experiment, but I was very happy with what we received... If I calculated correctly, I think we took home about $26 worth of produce for our $15 contribution.


What's sitting on my counter, in my fridge, and around my sink right now is what I'd like to think would be there if my garden were doing well... What we did this morning is- for us- the next best thing. This week, I think it will be fun thinking up ways to use veggies purchased before any kind of meal plan has been formed... and perhaps a bit of a challenge to use everything before the next round makes its way home with us! 

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