Monday, July 16, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving...

...the chance to be on the porch on a rainy Sunday evening

...the sunsets that conclude rainy evenings

...our Bubba, and the sudden decision that yes, it's finally time to start walking

...the sleep of a fledgling champion walker

...early mornings, bacon and banana bread and scrambled eggs, trying new coffees, the smell of freshly  mowed grass, getting out with the fam, playing catch and cars with both kiddos, watching brother and sister play together more and more, hearing thunder and feeling cool breezes and watching rain fall, the feeling of knowing that the back seat of my car has finally been purged of months of cereal accumulated in the seams, clean sheets, and- in general- a weekend well spent.

May we all start the week with the comfort of a good weekend lingering on our minds. Happy Monday.

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