Sunday, March 4, 2012


So far this weekend, we have...

...enjoyed the quiet of morning before sister and her energy have joined us.
...ventured out (after bedtime!) for a night with good friends, amazing food, and refreshing conversation.
...cooked, mixed, baked, and eaten. Also, indulged in a little takeout here and there.
...cleaned, straightened, polished, and fled the house for an evening family field trip.
...played in dirt, sand, mud, gravel, and grass every spare minute between breakfast and dinner.
...taken many necessary impromptu baths in those non-bath time hours between breakfast and dinner.
...planted seeds meant for a much later month now, and saw other seeds planted even earlier sprouting.
...awoken each night to the sounds of coyotes, babies, cats, owls, and wind.

And we still have one more day to go! Happy weekending, friends!

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