Monday, March 12, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving...

...letting the kitties roam

...the stories brought to us in bed for morning snuggling

...the warmth and glow that draws us all together in this spot, perhaps for the last time this season?
...a chilly, rainy weekend, filled with things we wanted to do, and nothing more... reading, little projects, lounging, snuggling, planning, talking, eating, playing, resting... the kinds of things that reconnect, recharge, and refocus us. Funny how it's always the little things that do that, don't you think? Here's to a week filled with the little things, too.


  1. we went on a walk yesterday afternoon between rain showers and my mr. and i had this same conversation about the importance of little things. they mean so much more to me than the big, sweeping gestures...they're the things you string together to create a life and family!

  2. ya... what u said...