Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two Weeks on the Oil Cleansing Method

All right, it's been two weeks. Two weeks from when I ditched my prescription face treatment, name brand astringent facial cleanser, and moisturizer. Two weeks from the first day I used castor, olive, and avocado oils to "wash," with fingers crossed. Two weeks since my before photo. Two whole weeks.

It is now time for me to throw in my two cents, and reveal my verdict....... not in that order, though, because I want to start with how much I love washing my face with oils. This chick will not be going back to the pricy regimen that was not working, even if that does mean missing out on the clean smell that went along with the cleanser I was using. For me, it is a small price to pay. For that price, I get smoother, clearer skin that is moisturized with the very stuff cleaning it up so nice and purty, and it's going to end up being way cheaper, too, because the initial two tablespoons of oil I mixed up at the beginning of this experiment actually ended up lasting me through the entire two weeks. That's right, one TBS per week. I'm thinking those pricy bottles of oil will be lasting me quite a while. Awesome.

The pros and cons I observed in my check-in post still hold true, and one week later, there's no new item I'd add to either list. SO, that being said, here's the proof (for me, anyway...):

Before starting with oils- notice problem areas on temples especially

After two weeks washing with oils every night- temples cleared up and texture way better
(as much as I tried, I could not get the light from the 'before' pic to be the same in my 'after' pic, because the weather is completely different today, 
creating a need for the bathroom lights to be on, sorry)

In conclusion, I would strongly recommend anyone willing to think outside the box to visit this how-to post, decide which oils would best suit their skin type, and give it a two-week trial. I, for one, will never look back!

>As for the shampoo trial, well, we're ending the first week, beginning the second out of three, and let's just say that so far, what was promised in the beginning is coming true- my hair has not yet found a balance for it's natural oil production, and on top of that this week has seen humidity over 80%, so it's been ponytails, ponytails, and more ponytails. I'm hoping that what has also been promised will soon come true- that it gets better than this! We'll see!

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