Saturday, March 10, 2012

Last Year

This morning, the cats are outside, the kiddos are still in their beds, the first cup of coffee is down, and the sky is threatening rain. I woke up feeling like I had words in me wanting to get out, but when I sat down here, my mind wanted to wander. Upon glancing up at the baby monitor, fingers hovering over the keys, I found myself thinking sentimentally about the recent past, and just how recent it truly feels (a thought I ruminate over frequently, it seems).


My mind keeps wandering back to last year when, at this time (to the day), Audrey had completed one whole month in the 'Big Girl Room'- no more crib- Baby Brother was due to make his appearance in less than two weeks (ha), Audrey still had both of her front teeth (d'oh), and she was still in diapers! What a far away reality that simultaneously seems like yesterday.

This morning, there are two babes upstairs, both quite comfortably settled in their respective rooms, slowly waking up and charging for the weekends' activities. What will we do today that will carve out a memorable soft spot and conjure up sweet sentimentality in another year? Probably something mundane, usual, and completely precious... and we'd have it no other way.

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