Monday, July 18, 2011

When It Gets Hot

When it gets hot...

Our grass gets crispy (and I can occasionally be caught in shorts)

The last of the garden plants wilt daily, only to revive over night a little less green, and a little more crispy

The only way to get a little quality time outside is to get in the kiddie pool

Bathing suits become optional

Iced tea becomes mandatory

The only clouds in the sky provide neither shade nor rain

The sippy-cup joins us everywhere
We never wear shoes

We even let our dog inside to escape these 'dog days'

When it gets hot, we hibernate the way people up north do in the dead of winter. We venture outside only in the shaded dawn and dusk, we huddle in our cooled, closed-up spaces through the days, and we pine for the clouds to do more than just tease us as they melt away like piles of ice cream in our super-heated atmosphere.  Oh, November, we can't wait for you to get here.

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