Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Hope...

It won't be long before these siblings start developing their friendship, their relationship, and their special sibling bond. They're well on their way even now, with one an egocentric toddler and the other a squishy smiley lump.

In watching and documenting them as they grow and connect, I can't help but dream big for what they have in store... both for themselves and for each other. There is so much on my wish-list for them, but my heart is holding a few things on that list much higher in priority. I hope...

...that Audrey will always know on some level how much she is- and will be- adored by her Little Brother.

...that Henry will always feel appreciated and protected by his Big Sister.

...that they will never hesitate to stand up for one another.

...that, even though they will believe on occasion that they hate each other, they will always come around.

...that they will know how to make each other laugh.

...that they will know how to make each other cry, and choose not to act on it.

...that they will always, always love each other, and know that they are loved.

These two individuals, that didn't exist three years ago, but live now because of a deep love, are so deeply loved themselves. Though as a parent I try to give them the best of everything, I know that I can't do that for every part of their lives... the best I can do is give them the tools, set the examples, make clear the rules, and hope. And so, I hope.

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