Friday, July 1, 2011

One Year Ago

This morning marks the one week anniversary of When Audrey Figured Out How to Open Doors. She celebrated by coming halfway down stairs at 6:13am, stopping, and yelling, "Where'd Maaaaaaamaa goooo?" Such a lovely beginning to this newest chapter. Ahem.

Anyway, as I lay beside her in my bed waiting for the last five minutes to pass before my alarm clock sounded, I kinda worked myself in to a sentimental mood. Wow, one year ago, she wasn't even two yet. Her hair was shoulder-length, her words were much fewer and much harder to decipher, she didn't even have all her teeth yet, and she was an only child. That was only one year ago.

These thoughts stayed with me through the beginnings of the morning as I got baby brother up, fed everyone, changed diapers, etc. When I finally got a second to sit down and visit this space, I couldn't help but wander through my early July 2010 photo folder, and indulge in reminiscence just a bit more...

Time seems more determined than ever to prove how fast it flies by. I got the point this morning, though I don't think that will stop it... or even slow it down. 

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