Thursday, July 14, 2011

Morning Coffee

This morning, Audrey came down the stairs, talked about her Good Nite Lite, gave me a hug, then said, "I meeda coffee with milk ina bunny rabbit cup, Mama. Puh-leeeeese. Audrey meeda coffee!" I can totally relate, girl.

After all, where would Mama be without her coffee and milk... though maybe not in a bunny rabbit cup. That would be kinda creepy. Cute for her, though. Yep, totally cute. (if you are wondering, Audrey always gets decaf, no exceptions... that girl does NOT need an extra boost in her day)


  1. LOL! I ALSO must have my first-thing-of-the-morning coffee! No milk though. Bill only drinks it when it's cold outside, which makes no sense to me, as the house is pretty much the same temp year-round :-)

    As for the bunny rabbit cup---rock on! I might get one!

  2. My parents started giving me coffee at age 2. Everyone said that it would stunt my growth. LOL