Thursday, July 15, 2010


Audrey's vocabulary is expanding exponentially, and although I can much more clearly decipher what she's trying to say, many of her words are 'Audrey-isms,' or attempts at getting the point across in an adaptation of a word. I know it won't be long before they're clear and perfect, so in order to savor this special time, I will now try to phonetically record some of my favorite -isms and their translations.

Audrey-isms, 20 Months

Eye-aaah-too: I love you
Bah-fye: Butterfly
Lah Mo: Lawn Mower
Ah Sye: Out Side
Doot: Drink
Wah-lor: Water
Boo-bee-yee: Blueberry
Pano: Pillow
Keey-yee: Kitty
Kah-koh: Cracker
Soo Sahan: Shoes On
Bah-tit: Basket
Sah-pee: Shopping
Gooh Moh-een: Good Morning
Beh-tist: Breakfast
Fye-pace: Fireplace
Bah Toof: Brush Teeth (and sometimes Toothbrush)
Hah-noh: Hello
Wah-men-non: Watermelon
Pee Balor: Peanut Butter
Heh-hahk: Hedgehog
Ko-kama: Koala
Eh-fan: Elephant
Bips: Grapes
Dah-yee: Dolly

I could go on and on for pages with the words she says clearly, but it's always more fun to try and figure out what she's trying to say in her own language. Ironically, the practice I get in translating Audrey hasn't made me any better at understanding other toddlers. I still have to look to the little's parents when a garbled message has been spoken to me and ask, "Did he just say I have bees in my hair?" I have, however, become more patient, more open-minded, and a little more bilingual. I love my little Crumb Snatcher.

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