Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dylan & Brooklynn Visit

Mama and Jackie decided they needed to have a playda... um, I mean, Audrey needed a play date with Dylan and Brooklynn, so the Lightfoots packed up and came down to play with... us...

Brooklynn, Dylan, and Audrey dive in to the toys while the grown-ups get coffee

Audrey sorts beads, and Brooklynn climbs on the yellow digger

Dylan accessorizes

Slightly blurry kids in motion

Everyone heads outside after lunch

Destined to be pals

Our beautiful girls

A last bit of digging, then...

...on to the water feature! C'mon, Audrey!

Everyone loves popsicles in the pool...

...or by the pool


Audrey helps clean up

We love playdates!

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