Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Birthday... Kinda

I thought I would post a commemorative blog today to mark the one-year anniversary of this blog. Yes, I'm blogging about blogging. It just seemed noteworthy; there is a years' worth of pictures, tales, and tear-jerkers here, and all because I followed a whim one year ago today.

I actually had no idea that this little milestone was coming up... I was just going back through past postings (a virtual walk down memory lane, if you will), and before I knew it I had worked my way back to the very first post, which was July 13th. Hmmm.

It sure is a reality check to revisit the goings-on of yesteryear. Some of the things that were breaking news then seem today like they were just a few weeks ago. Also, um, where did all of Audrey's hair come from? Wow! That girl is wild and woolly... just like her mama... ha! I remember when those tiny little micro-clips would hold her hair...

Anyway, here's to technology and the developments that allow us all to step beyond cave walls, family bibles, and aging memories to record family history. Cheers.

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  1. Happy Blogaversary. :) I like using blogs as a digital scrapbook of family history since I'm no good at paper scrapboking.