Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Color Color, Paint Paint

Audrey went through a phase recently where she wasn't really interested in art; she would ask to, say, color, we'd get all the supplies out, and she'd spend said art time handing colors to the closest grown-up and asking them to draw something ("Boo Heart?"). Needless to say, with all the artists in the family and me being one who dabbles myself, this was a disheartening phase. However, we still pulled out the stuff every time she asked, and recently, she has started coloring for herself again. I AM SO EXCITED!

I have always, always loved kid art. Not the scribbles-in-a-coloring-book kind, but the free-hand, imaginative, messy kind. In fact, as a social worker in schools, I'd linger in hallways decorated with art projects, tickled to death at 1st grade interpretations of snowmen, space ships, and who-knows-what. Upon becoming a parent, I received my very own kid artist... and now she's creating her own masterpieces!

She has always loved sidewalk chalk. This past weekend was a special treat: Mimmy and Pappy are in the process of finishing an addition off the dining room, and Audrey was allowed to color with chalk inside since the floors aren't finished yet. How exciting!

Mimmy and Audrey making scribbles

Mimmy shows Audrey how to turn chalk on it's side and make wide scribbles

Last night, we cracked out the finger paints. Some day, we'll make egg tempera and I'll show her how to use a paint brush. For now, we're sticking with the kind that is washable and non-toxic! Besides, she's a hands-on texture girl, and what could be more fun than going Pollock on her huge drawing tablet right before bath time (which was perfect timing)?

Masterpiece #1

Masterpiece #2

Now, what's awesome about these paintings is this: Audrey asked for each color as she painted, so they're completely her creations. I lined up the bottles of red, pink, yellow, orange, and blue finger paints, then sat her on the paper. I asked her what colors she wanted, and she would say, "Boo?" So I'd put a dollop of blue next to her. She'd smash and smear, then look up and say, "Pink?" or "Ornge?" or "Ret?" So here you go. Two finished masterpieces, both original creations without Mama influencing color or composition. Pretty cool. We'll be making this a regular part of our day. 

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