Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Before & After :: Audrey's Room

This is NOT going to be a tradition.

I repeat, this is not a tradition.

However it does look like a trend... (like here and here and here).

But it's not. In fact, this should be the last time in a loooooooooooooong time.

We redid Audrey's room. Again. But this time it's for keeps, it's upgraded and mature and NOT changing again. It's what she wanted for her birthday, so we did it one last time.

Did I mention we're not doing this again? Because we're not.


I wasn't actually able to get a very good 'before' shot because painting commenced before I thought to grab my camera.



Once again, our kiddos were able to visit their grandparents while we worked almost around-the-clock to pull this top-to-bottom redo off. I think on some level she was expecting something to be changed about her room (she had specifically asked for a loft bed), but she had no idea it would be a complete transformation. My goal was to make her room reminiscent of a library. As fast as my girl collects and reads books, I feel like it won't be long before her room is wall-to-wall books, just like I envisioned. 

She seemed quite pleased.

It was a big job again. 

It's a good thing this was our last go of the kid room redos! 

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