Monday, October 15, 2018

A Good Cold Front

The current temperature right now is 40* and it "feels like" 31*, according to my weather app. Our temps dropped from the low 80's into the 40's with a sharp crack of thunder and two Littles piling into our bed at about 2:30am. Exhausted as I was, laying in bed with cold feet pressed up against my thigh and the sounds of whispered giggles keeping me awake, I wasn't really bothered this time. Instead of the minutes dragging by (like they usually do when I'm wishing I could go back to sleep), they felt so fleeting... like maybe this would be one of the last times they'd seek comfort during a storm by my side, under my covers, hogging my pillow. 

And so we all laid in bed wide awake, listening to the rain, pulling covers back and forth, not sleeping... and it was actually a good time. Until someone started tooting and making another someone upset. Then it was time for everyone to go back to their own beds and actually go to sleep. 

But it was a good time. I always love a good cold front.

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