Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Five Things

It's almost time for the kids to go back to school, the temps are finally forecast to spend a few hours a day above freezing, and we're about 24 hours away from things getting "back to normal" around here. Five things on this frosty morning... 

First, of course, is Suka... part of our new normal is having a puppy in the house, and we're finally getting to know each other and figure out how Suka fits into the rhythm of our home. I'm pleased to say she's proving to be a smart, sweet girl who is eager to please and learns quickly. She knows her name, a few basic commands, and will usually go to her kennel without much of a fuss. We're off to a good start.

Speaking of Suka, part of what we're especially focused on in these early days is working with her around our smaller animals. She is, after all, German Shepherd and wolf, and her predatory instincts will only grow stronger as she grows up. She's done a great job so far of staying calm and not barking at the chickens, though she has tried to chase the cat up the stairs once or twice. Rory is less than thrilled that she seems to be here to stay, but he's becoming a little more present and visible every day. I'm still holding out hope that they'll be friends...

...and they are giving me reason to hope!

Also of note is our trip out with Grammy and Aunt KK to let a very excited flower girl pick out her very special flower girl dress. I assure you she chose the poofiest, fluffiest dress out of the lineup, and thoroughly twirl-tested it before calling it 'The One.' Now I think it's possible she may be looking forward to Aunt KK's wedding day almost as much as Aunt KK!

Next, would you look at this awesome vintage Dutch midcentury-modern lamp that was spotted in the corner of a guest bedroom at Nanny's house and so generously sent our way? I just love it, and this corner was in desperate need of a little light... thank you, Nanny!

And finally, though I crawled into bed way before midnight rolled on through, I made sure I sent my intentions for the New Year out into the atmosphere and toasted 2017 adieu, don't you worry... and so I'll end here by reiterating: may we learn from our mistakes, may we choose kindness over hate, may we never stop fighting for what's right, and may we fill the darkness with light.

Happy New Year. 

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