Thursday, January 11, 2018

Clean and Purge

This time of year seems to be the harbinger of cleaning, organizing, and purging urges... or so it would seem. Everywhere I look I see piles of clutter, forgotten closets, wasted cabinet space, and stuff that has outlived it's usefulness...

...and this morning I found the motivation to tackle three such offenders in one go. The main focus was my office, whose spaces were beyond filled and muddled and whose overflow was inescapably all up in my eyeballs every time I passed through. To do what I wanted to do in there, I had to first empty out a forgotten "junk" cabinet so our awkwardly-placed and underutilized lowboy could be emptied into it. I then moved the lowboy into my office (replacing the media cabinet thing that held my printer and such), and proceeded to tear everything apart...

...and then- finally- I put everything back together again.

I hope some day I can find a better place for that ugly filing cabinet... but for now it stays tucked in it's corner. I really like my lowboy arrangement, and happily everything worthy of keeping found a place in this new order.

We even have a functional, accessible 'adult' game cabinet now, too, with a little spare room to boot! (The kid games are on the other side)

Now, on to the next trouble area I go....................

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