Monday, January 29, 2018

100th Day

Our school has traditionally allowed kiddos to dress up like little old people for the 100th day of school- which was cute, but kinda lame- and this year they have finally switched to something different: DIY shirts representing '100' (or decorated to celebrate 100 school days). I am so much more enthusiastic about this new tradition, even though my Littles made cute centenarians...

...I think t-shirts are going to be way more fun! Because Bubba ended up being sick through Friday and part of the weekend, we chose to do something pretty easy and straightforward for the sake of being ready to wear on Monday. Initials, divided into 10 sections, with 10 different colored dots in each section. Hen did most of them himself, but Mama finished up for him since he wasn't feeling his best. Audrey did hers all herself, carefully selecting the colors (plus glitter) for each section.

Since it was a chilly morning, they each wore their shirt over something warm (chosen for what the undershirt could add to the colors of the initials, of course), and proudly marched into school with 100 dots they dotted themselves.

Loving this new tradition!

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