Monday, August 21, 2017

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...struggling to get my fingers to work on this keyboard... I worked all day Sunday on our new rock wall flower bed, and though I'd call it finished (for now), it really did take almost all day. And it was hot. And humid. And I'm getting old.
...feeling excited about today's historic solar eclipse, and wondering what my kiddos will get to do about it in school. Can't wait to hear.
...still in shock over last night's Game of Thrones episode! No spoilers, don't worry... but ugh.
...smiling at my girl, the eternal bookworm, who fell asleep holding a book with her flashlight on last night. She informed me this morning she only has three more pages to go, and that I need to make another library run happen soon please.
...looking at this awesome stuff, thanks to the inspiration in the Spain issue of Food & Wine that I got over the weekend. It's in my cart, I just have to push 'check out.'
...loving the new honeybee sidewalk chalk art I found on the front porch this morning (I think this one is by Audrey). They were sending good juju out to our girls after we had a long chat about the problems I found in the hives this past week. I love their concern and empathy for our creatures.

If I'm being honest, right now I'm a little discombobulated from the past week and weekend, and it's taking me forever to sort out all the chores and errands and projects for the week demanding my attention. A typical Monday, amirite? But we'll work through it, and it'll be the weekend again before we know it! (Self-pep-talk)

Happy Monday!

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