Wednesday, August 30, 2017


We have several friends who either live in the Houston area or have family in the Houston area (or both) and like the rest of the nation we've been glued to all things Hurricane Harvey these past few days. When Harvey was gathering momentum at the end of last week, we put out an open invitation to our peeps in harm's way- if you want out, we'll take ya.

On Saturday, as the flood waters rose, one of our friends and her family took us up on our offer and headed our way.

We had a blast hosting them (as much as we could given the underlying reason why they were here), and our house is just a little too quiet now that they've moved on (they have other peeps in the Metroplex to visit).

They still don't feel safe heading back home (and it may be a while yet), but they were such good company that we left our door wide open to them if they need to swing back by while the waters recede (y'all, they cleaned my house before they left... vacuumed and everything... seriously).

It was a fun way to pass a very stressful time... and although they've left us for their next stop, our thoughts are still with them and everyone else faced with the impacts of Harvey.

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