Tuesday, November 29, 2016


We got our DIY on this past weekend and finally checked a kinda-big project off the list. Winter is coming (catch my weak pun in the title?) and with our first freeze already under our belts our well house was becoming a source of concern- it still didn't have a door.

No door = no freeze protection. No freeze protection = frozen pipes. Frozen pipes = no water to the house. We had to deal with that situation a couple years ago and lemme tell ya, it was no fun. At all.

So we got busy and fixed it right up.

It rained buckets the night after we finished the installation, and this coming weekend we will probably have another freeze... plenty of opportunity for our project to prove itself! We made it mostly out of scraps, leftovers, and improvisations, and if I do say so myself the result was pretty darn nice!

High five for home improvement! Now... which line item is next, dishwasher or wood shed...?

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